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We have many spaces for activities in the local community but no place that the community can informally drop in and a place to build good community relations both between resident to resident but also between residents and partners. As a community we feel homeless.

Our vision for the coming years is to establish a community hub space that can be used for services to connect locally (we are an isolated community and services tend to always be at the end of a phone) and to provide drop in sessions, information sharing and signposting and most importantly an informal space for local people to gather and connect and develop activities that they feel are needed. Ideally this space with be a café hub – watch this space.

Community Calender


The local area has successfully got to round 1 of this PLACED BASED SOCIAL ACTION programme – In Round 1 we are developing a community social action plan and to do this we are listening to our community to hear what your love about living here and also what makes life difficult. We will be speaking with and listening to as many of our local community, neighbours and friends as is possible until September to develop the community vision (social action) and hear about the good and the not so good about our local area. Your local concerns/challenges/priorities will shape the community plan and this will be submitted to DCMS and Big Lottery in October. We will find out at the end of this year if we have been successful and will have gained a place in phase 2.

As well as speaking to people informally around and about, we have had several events so far including TCP Bingo – which also raised £412 raised for the Community Hall Funds, We were in the community corner café every Friday in July from 1.30 – 5  We have had listening posts around the town (library etc – can you list them – also community hall) with people’s comments so far and please do add your own – they were there until end of August.

Partnership meetings

24th September is the next partnership meeting and will focus on the locally identified priorities and together we can identify some possible solutions. These partnership meetings are open to everyone who lives locally, you are all welcome.  If you would like to receive our newsletter send us an email!

Dog Days
Our next Dog Day is on Friday 9th November from 2 - 4pm in the Community Hall
Jo will be focusing on brushing your dog, including equipment and handling techniques, but she'll also be able to answer any questions you may have regarding grooming and skin care for your dog.
Skip Day
We are hoping to have a further local skip day over the Christmas holidays – Archway Drive and at the Community Hall. We will have dates ASAP.

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